Quantum Trio

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Quantum Trio is an idea. A hypothesis. A notion. A non-conventional group creating high energy subatomic music particles, to which ordinary laws of physics do not apply. It is Quantum mechanics. It is probability and uncertainty. Emotions that are so hard to capture, energy and matter in the space-time.

Quantum Trio is an unconventional jazz trio established in Rotterdam in 2012 by Michal Jan Ciesielski, Kamil Zawislak and Luis Mora Matus. Their music ranges from dynamic compositions through lyrical ballads to rock energy anthems. The first album „Gravity” introduced the band to the European audience and was awarded „Debut Album of 2015” by Polish Jazz. Recently released double album „Duality: Particles & Waves” shows the trio’s fiercer side, introducing electronics, modern production, while still maintaining a specific unified sound.

Quantum Trio is a classy group whose offering may be liked equally by the genre connoisseurs and those, who came in touch with jazz for the first time. (…)
Quantum Trio is far from being a one-dimensional band.

P. Rudnicki, jazzarium.pl

Quantum Trio is:

Michał Jan Ciesielski – tenor/alto saxophone
Kamil Zawiślak – grand piano
Luis Mora Matus – drums

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Michał Ciesielski

Born in 1986 in Gdańsk [PL] saxophonist, composer, arranger, sound engineer. Graduated from the Academy of Music in Gdansk, where he studied under Maciej Sikała. In 2011-12 studied in the conservatory of Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam under Ben van den Dungen, Dick de Graaf and Simon Rigter.

He is a laureate of:

  • VI International Jazz Improvisation Competition in Katowice in 2013
  • Young Jazz Players Review “Novum Jazz Festival” in Łomża 2012
  • best instrumentalist award of the XVII Review Of Young Jazz & Blues Ensembles in Gdynia in 2014
  • band awards with bands like: Jan Konop Big Band (Grand Prix in Festivals in Nowy Tomysl [PL] and Decin [CZ]), Inner Out, Homemade Quintet, Big Band AM Gdansk)

He plays or collaborated with: Quantum Threeory [NL], Inner Out [PL], VDRSH! (NL), La Clave Caliente [NL], Fra Fra Sound [NL], Codarts Big Band [NL], Jan Konop Big Band oraz Big Band AM w Gdańsku (w tym m.in. Ewa Bem, Leszek Możdżer, Jarek Śmietana, Wojtek Karolak, Ewa Uryga, Grażyna Łobaszewska), Homemade Quintet [PL], No Quartet [PL], White Tie Orchestra, Wojciech Staroniewicz A’Freak-an Project, Maciej Grzywacz, Cezary Paciorek, Gosia Szmuda – Jazz dla Dzieci, Ilona Damięcka, Artur Dyro Executive Summary, Tangueros Balticos, Jan Łukaszewski (Japanese Tour 2007). He attended masterclasses with: Eddie Daniels, Seamus Blake, Barry Harris, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Clarence Penn, Ed Partyka, Don Braden, Larry Grenadier, Adam Makowicz, Leszek Żądło, Paweł Gusnar.

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Kamil Zawiślak

Pianist, vocalist, composer, arranger. He graduated from Music School in Tarnowskie Góry (PL), in accordion class. He graduated jazz piano in Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam, under Kris Goessens and Rob van Bavel.

He is also known as an electro-pop composer/producer Milky Wishlake, playing on major venues and festivals in Europe.

Former member of “The Zest Quartet”. He collaborated with many jazz, pop and latin bands. An attendee of masterclasses with: Joshua Redman, Dado Moroni, Peter Erskine, Barry Harris.

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Luis Mora Matus

He started playing drums at age of 15, taking lessons from one of the best drummers in ChileAdreas Silva and collaborated with many pop and latin bands in Chile. At the age of 18 he moved to Sao Paulo, Brasil, where he studied in Souza Lima / Berklee conservatory for next 4 years. During that time he earned a lot of professional experience playing with many jazz, pop, rock or Brazilian ensembles, including Sizao Machado (Chet Baker, Djavan, Elis Regina), Michel Leme, Daniel D’Alcantara, Vitor Alcantara, Lupa Santiago, Marcelo Coelho and many others.

He played in the School of Samba Vai Vai, which is one of the most important Samba Schools in Sao Paulo. He performed in the Carnival ‘2007 and got the third prize.

In 2009 he received a scholarship in Codarts conservatory in Rotterdam and moved to The Netherlands. He is a winner of 1st prize in Leidense Jazz Competition, 1st prize in Zomer Terras and 2nd prize in Latin Fanatics. He attended masterclasses with Jason Moran, Larry Grenadier, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Dave Liebman, James Farm.


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