Quantum Trio is an unconventional jazz trio established in Rotterdam in 2012 by Michal Jan Ciesielski, Kamil Zawislak and Luis Mora Matus. Their music ranges from dynamic compositions through lyrical ballads to rock energy anthems. The first album „Gravity” introduced the band to the European audience and was awarded „Debut Album of 2015” by Polish Jazz. Recently released double album „Duality: Particles & Waves” shows the trio’s fiercer side, introducing electronics, modern production, while still maintaining a specific unified sound.

“The leap they take here is an ambitious success, (…) both challenging and fun.”
Geno Thackara, All About Jazz


„Full of great harmonies and lyrical melody lines the music is captivating
and flows with a remarkable coherence and elegance.”
Adam Baruch, Polish Jazz


„Effortless transitioning from lyricism to musical madness has become the trio’s trademark.”
Czesław Romanowski, Jazz Jantar Festival


This is a highly ingenious double album that plays with jazz in new
and interesting ways. I cannot recommend it enough!
Dæv Tremblay, Can This Even Be Called Music

Quantum Trio is:

Michał Jan Ciesielski – tenor/soprano saxophone
Kamil Zawiślak – grand piano
Luis Mora Matus – drums

Michał Jan Ciesielski

Polish saxophonist, composer, arranger and music producer, alumni of Academy of Music in Gdańsk under Maciej Sikała. He studied also at the Codarts Rotterdam conservatory.

The leader of Inner Out, works with Tymon Tymański (The Transistors, TT Quintet / Yass Ensemble), Marcin Świetlicki (Zgniłość), Sławek Jaskułke Sextet, Ermis Michail Quintet, Dominik Kisiel Exploration Group and Nikola Kołodziejczyk Instant Ensemble.

Laureate of many awards at festivals like International Improvisation Competition in Katowice, Jazz Juniors Festival and Novum Jazz Festival.

Kamil Zawiślak

Polish pianist, singer, composer and producer. Alumni of piano jazz faculty at Codarts Rotterdam under Rob van Bavel.

Known as Milky Wishlake, recording artist with NEXTPOP Label, where he worked with artists like Oly., Dawid Podsiadło or Łukasz Moskal.

Won 1st prize on Eurosong Festival in 2013, Muzyka Na Plan 2014 or IMS Warsaw Fashion Street, as well as the distinction in 2014 on Young Talents Festival.

Currently he works along with a dutch contemporary ensemble TEMKO.

Luis Mora Matus

Chilean drummer and composer, alumni of Souza Lima/Berklee conservatory in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bachelor and Masters graduate from Rotterdam Conservatorium.

His rich background characterizes Luis as an excellent drummer, given him his versatility that can part from the most delicate and minimalistic sounds to powerful and untamed drumming.

Drummer of Quantum Trio, TenTemPiés, Los Paja Brava, Dichter, Threeism, Ermis Michail Quintet, Junhyung An 5tet. Worked with Panagiotis Andreou, Benjamin Herman, André Ochodlo, Sizao Machado, and many others.